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All though my life, I have been called "Inspector Gadget"

It all started when I was 15 months old, my parents tell of finding me sitting on the kitchen floor taking the toaster apart. My dad says that I took it completely apart and then proceeded to put it back together. Nothing electrical or mechanical was safe around me. I had every Radio Shack kit sold. My kits went everywhere with me. Electronic education toys were just being introduced and I just had to have one as soon as it was put on the market. By the way, I still have all of them and most in working order.


At 12 years old, I started with a Franklin, which was a knock-off of an Apple computer. A wonderful relationship was formed that is still as exciting today as it was that first time. My favorite computers are still Apples but I do condone, build and maintain pc platforms. As part of my fascination with gadgets, I enjoy wiring and running home theatre systems. The more complex, the better. My artistic sensibilities are stimulated by the clarity of sound and picture provided by high-end systems.


Now I put together and take apart stages, and I love it


I started designing websites and building computers because my parents owned a business. They were always frustrated with trying to find a computer person that truly understood what they needed in their particular business. I grew up in our family business and loved computers. As friends learned that I could build, repair or diagnose computers, they would call. I can never turn down a challenge or frantic call from a friend or family so I guess I’ll be always be on speed dial for some.

I'm proficient in both Apple and PC computers as I use them interchangeably in my various jobs, interests and hobbies. Anything you need done, I can do or find out how to get it done!! I understand and use a wide range of software programs.

Redlands Theatre Festival (RTF).png

As a web designer I have designed a diversified number of websites that have doneranged from The Redlands Theatre Festival to my family's retail store website to a very special website that honors my beautiful daughter, Sophia Rose Sutherland. I have also designed and maintained my own personal websites and several others for years.

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