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I started taking voice lessons while in junior high school. I auditioned for my first musical at age 12 and was in the Civic Light Opera’s production of Oliver. I’ve also performed in Fiddler on the Roof plus many Junior University summer productions. In high school, I performed with the Eisenhower Madrigals Singers, a performing show group which won many competitions. Over the years, I have been a singer with several professional groups, including the Starmakers, the Pacific Singers and the Young Americans.

This creative performance experience has helped me in all my areas of technical expertise. This gives me a unique understanding of the performer's needs in my creative designs.

Stephen Gary Sutherland singing

I have also studied dance under Patsy Swayze, Ron Cocking and Noerr Dance Academy for over ten years and have danced in many shows during that time. I first studied dance to support my magic act, although later I danced in many shows and with several professional groups.

nutcracker dance show
Coppelia dance show

Coppelia and Nutcracker are two of my favorite shows I have danced...

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