Step into the mind of a young man that has spent his life proving the experts wrong. From his very difficult birth through growing up as a special child, diagnosed as Aphasic and Dyslexic at 3 years of age. Not being able to speak until the age of 5 years because his speech center had been damaged from birth, Gary has defied every rule or guideline that said he would never be normal. At the age of 19 yrs, he finally was able to express all that had been bottled up in his mind and heart.


This first collection of Gary's poetry is spiral bound with a full color cover. The poetry is divided into themes and ranges from lighthearted through gut-wrenching thoughts and feelings that sometimes overwhelmed him. Gary wants to share his poetry with the world. For those that little is expected of, he shows that he expected a lot of himself and set about to prove his worth. This is a great book for those of you that are looking for inspiration; be it for yourself or someone else. To some, his struggles with life and love will strike a like cord within themselves. For those "looking for love", travel with Gary on his journey. From the lighthearted "A TREE, That May Be Me????" to the sweet and loving tribute to my grandmother She Loved Her 3 Girls.  We invite you to peruse the many colors of my mind. Some of my poetry may shock or disturb, but know that it speaks of my hopes, fears, despair and love at that moment of its birth through my pen.

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A look into S Gary Sutherland's early History...

I was born in Loma Linda, California on Oct. 1, 1969 to Linda and Steve Sutherland. A goodlooking baby, I must say. I did not speak for the first five years of my life and that made it hard to tell people what I wanted and needed. This was because some of my brain was damaged when I was born. The Experts stated at the time to my parents that I would never progress beyond a Vegetable. I guess I must be a brussell sprout, but now I am very articulate. I started to do magic to help my hand-eye coordination and to learn how to follow directions, since I was dyslexic. I was just four years old. Then I also started taking dance classes at a very young age, to help me learn how to walk and move on and off stage. Since 1973, I have been on stage performing all around Los Angeles and the United States as well as on many different TV shows as a magician, singer and dancer. After all my schooling, I graduated with my Mom and Dad's help. Then I attended Landmark College in Putney, Vermont. There I learned to read and write. I went from a third grade reading level to an eighth grade reading level, while I was there. Also my math skills weren't so hot, but they brought those right up too. In 1998 to 2002, I was a student at the McNichols Dyslexia Learning Center in Newport Beach, California where I

learned how to read, write and spell better. Now today, I am a Lighting Director, sound and set designer along with many other jobs in the local theatre world. It makes me happy that I can write poetry and be able to share it with you. I hope you will enjoy what many have said is heart-wrenching poetry; it expresses my frustration and pain I have felt all of my life.