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The Fun Corner had one of the largest collections of costumes and makeup in California with up to 5000 different costumes in stock, ranging from newborns to plus-size adults. We carried 100’s of wigs, hats, masks and accessories. for over 60 years.  We were the store known for the MOVING SIGN LETTERS.

Our mission was to make your life more FUN ! ! ! If we didn't have it, you didn't need it. From accessories to complete costumes, theatrical make-up to stage lighting, magic supplies and even DJ equipment, masks and hats to wigs.


Our thousands of satisfied customers knew where to come when it was time to enjoy themselves! We even served many generations of some of our long-time customers. We were an institution in Southern California.


Our family is honored and proud to have been your theatrical supplier for 60 years. Bud and Gene Shadegg started the dream and we continued it when we purchased the Fun Corner in 1984. To say we miss it is a very big understatement, but we know that it was time we looked forward to our new retirement adventures. The Fun Corner actually started out in the middle of the block in 1956. Then moved to the corner and in 1980 moved back to the middle of the block. When it was on the corner of Base Line & "D", the Fun Corner was actually in four individual buildings. When we moved back to the middle (our last location), we were in half of the our building. Costume Rentals was in the other half. Costume Rentals had originally been part of the Fun Corner, but the Shadeggs sold it to Elizabeth in the early 80's. After we bought the Fun Corner in 1984, Elizabeth moved Costume Rental into the building next door. We then renovated our building and expanded to both sides. As a side note, Costume Rentals burned down 1990's. We were officially located at 424-426 W. Base Line, even though we just listed our address as 426 W. Base Line.

A Fond Farewell To

For six decades, there's been a place in San Bernardino serving very special needs. Since 1980, their unique sign has delighted residents and Inland Empire visitors alike. The business that I refer to is the legendary FUN CORNER on Baseline near D Street. When opened in 1957 by San Bernardino couple Bud & Gene (Genie) Shadegg, FUN CORNER actually was located on the corner of Baseline & D Street. Back then, Bud's mother ran the first Taxi service nearby in Redlands, California, and his brother was the campaign manager for Arizona Senator, Barry Goldwater. Bud's wife Genie, nicknamed 'Gene', had a mother who owned a Burbank costume shop. The majority of her costumes came from nearby Hollywood's burgeoning film industry. Bud & Gene moved FUN CORNER's property slightly west of D Street in 1980. A contest was held at San Bernardino Valley College to create an iconic, whimsical sign. The foam/wood animated letters and the mechanism moving them were created onsite. In 1984, FUN CORNER was sold to make-up artist Steve Sutherland and his wife, Linda. Linda recalls, "When we started, Halloween was more about make-up than costumes; mostly cheap, messy grease pencils. Hats, fake cigars, noses and wigs were also sold. Soon, we progressed and became the only place to buy a costume in San Bernardino!" Steve learned the craft of make-up from a famed Ringling Brother's Circus clown. His name was Lou Jacobs. Steve learned very well. "Make-up is a passion of mine!" I once utilized Steve's artistry many years ago, and can attest to his formidable skills. 

Steve, Linda and their dedicated staff love their work, and their very loyal customers, but after all these many years, they've decided to move on to other ventures and venues. "San Bernardino has been good to FUN CORNER," said Linda. "They supported us; we're sorry that age caught up with us." They could not find an artist to buy them out, so this coming Halloween will be FUN CORNER's last. Over 20,000 items are now on sale! They will close their doors on Sunday, November 27th. Please give them your business. The property, bought by a friend of Steve & Linda's, will soon become an appliance store. Steve will continue his vast artistic skills at Party Plus in the nearby town of Redlands. Inspired by their granddaughter, Sophia Rose, Linda plans to help special needs children. Helping has always been a priority for Steve and Linda Sutherland, and their employees. Because they have brought many decades of FUN to San Bernardino kids of every age, I want to thank them, personally. And wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!


Fare Well, My FRIENDS!

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