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A TREE, That May Be Me??? 

So what! There happens to be,

A 25 year old tree

That reminds you of me.

Or that you know a tree,

Which happens to be,

A really old tree

Which I'm going to be

But think about that tree,

It's crying a lot like me

Because it might not be a real tree,

But me

If you could see me,

You could see that the tree

Is representing another part of me

So remember if you run into a tree,

There may be a resemblance to me;

It very well could be me.

Or just a tree,

Trying to emulate me.


The wind was absent,

The night, wet.

And from one's sad life,

The night had just left.

Maybe because of an edge,

Or just a careless car.

But no mistake,

It was a night,

For an absent life.

Crack & Peel

Dew dripping,


Dripping onto the faces

Running down into the cracks of time

Pooling with the dirt and grime of the world

With protruding features from the aged faces

That will live on for a lifetime,

Till a loved one requires a facelift

So impatiently,

A lifetime of facelifts will never hold,

The beauty of a rose,

Just a rose holds

The eye of the world,


New York is still loved.

You Muse Me

Mind scattered while muse drips from page to page

Pooling together under your hands

Molding me

Guiding my words to the light of one

Schooling my muse

To flow,


While supplying the strings

Your thoughts always

Brought mine out

Flowing together on one page

Filling my paper with poetry

Instead of bits of insignificant thought

Starting my poetry of one

On the road

Compelling a library of minds throughout the world

To read mine

Wondering if I will ever cause a mind to bleed with muse

Liquid Stained Glass

Your eyes etching

Into my heart with

A curiosity of love

Trying to scratch your

Life in tune with mine.

Yet, no etching will ever

Lead our lives together

With one light source

Backing our love,

Nor staining our hearts

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